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February 12, 2008 by  
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GoodnightsI tried something new over the weekend and I was wanting to get opinions from others out there who may have tried these as well.

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4 Responses to “GoodNites”
  1. lynn king says:

    yea stacey i have tried the goodnights. they were a little tight on me too. but ifound the pampers 7 cruisers to fit me really nice

  2. Angela Bauer says:

    Hi Stacey, First of all, this afternoon I joined IMABDL and thank you so much for telling me about it.
    My extended family has been using GoodNites since they were test marketed in 1996. Since before my Granny the women decended from her either never have control or lose it at puberty. This includes all my sisters and our daughters. Since I am only 5’3″, with 29″ hips and weigh 105lbs, from the launch of GoodNites the larger size would fit me. Frankly in bed they leak more than if you wore no diaper. That is what they are advertised for. However, for slender people with mild day problems GoodNites work fine. My favorite niece reached puberty in 2002 and then was 5’8″ and 117lbs, so she never has tried GoodNites. My daughter reached puberty in 2005 when she was 5’0″ and 94lbs with 24″ hips. Today is almost 15, 5’1″ 96lbs and 26″hips. She cannot fit in Size 7, but keeps a bag of GoodNites in case she is having day problems. For bed she prefers pinned gauze diapers which she does all by herself, with Attends Youth briefs for when she is sick or traveling.
    Years of study suggests to me the GoodNites bed leaking is a function of their clothlike outer layer clinging to bedding, causing temporary gaps.
    The best news for parents is that KCC advertises GoodNites on TV, so kids who do start wetting are familiar with them. So, parents and the kid buy GN. They leak. Now the parent can honestly say, “Well they did not work, so how about we get you something that tapes on?” Trust me, a lot of kids go with this and accept Attends Youth. Friends in the diaper business tell me the move by all the vendors is to eliminate pull-up and switch to an improved brief with refastenable tabs so kids can take them down to toilet and put them back on, like a Pull-Up that works. Expect test marketing by the end of 2008 and national roll-out in mid 2009!

  3. johncashwell says:

    hi.has anybody tried the pampersunderjams?im35years old and 5/10and weigh 160.the goodnites fit me just but it is not as wide on the inside as pampers any dry size six.i can wear the pampers and they won’t leak at all!

  4. goodnites boy says:

    I’ve bought a pack of goodnites a couple of days ago! I thought that they won’t fit me but they do fit with out ripping on the sides! I like goodnites way better than adult diapers! They are cheaper too! I also tried white cloud sleep pants but they don’t fit like goodnites!

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