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Diapers in Professional Sports

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You know what I was wondering…with all the professional athletes out there both in the USA and around the world – based on statistics atleast one if not more would either have incontinence or wear diapers.  It is possible to wear diapers in certain sports I would imagine, probably sports like either soccer, field hockey, football, dancing, etc.  I am sure there are tons of other professional sports where its possible.  But you gotta think of all the professional sports players out there and the statistics on incontinence and people who wear diapers.

Even sports like volleyball, if the diaper was thin enough I guarantee you its possible.  If you know of any professional athletes that have worn or wear diapers I would surely be interested in knowing as well as I am sure others would like to know.  I am sure its not like a really public thing but I would bet that between all the countries that atleast one of them must wear diapers.  Just a thought :-)

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28 Responses to “Diapers in Professional Sports”
  1. Blue Baby says:

    Wouldn’t know for sure if they do use them, but I think that diapers would be very useful in Nascar. Would you consider that a sport?

  2. jeremy Swill says:

    Im sure there are some custom diaper-pad hybrid type designs used specifically for atheletes. ones that are very discreet under tight clothing. And sadly incontinence pushes people away from those activities sometimes, so statistically instance of incont. in sports may be lower than average

  3. steve says:

    go to “” and “″

    One of the volleyball player is inco and that’S why they are sponsored by Tena.
    Have a look:

    And “YES” your site is great. I love it.

  4. chris says:

    i dont think its possible to wear diapers while playing soccer, im pretty sure that its not possible, also not football, that would be too disturbend.. i also dont think there are professional sport players who are incontinent, forget the statistics, i know soooo many people. and no one of them is incontinent, sure there are many, but not as much as they say.. i cant imagine, and i also dont think there are prof. sport players who wear diapers, if they were incontinent, they would go to the toilet before..

  5. chris says:

    and to steves post.. yeah they are wearing diapers, but many of them, thats maybe some kind of “handicapped person” team or anything like that, they are also not hiding anything, which of coure is not possible here lol, but yeah, the tena logo says it all, for everyone.. but i think this is some kind of “handicapped” person team.. not normal that sport players wear diapers

  6. Thomas says:

    I fenced in college and would wear Tena’s beneath my fencing outfit. I’m slightly incontinent, but athletic activities tend to make it worse. It wasn’t bad though, the fencing gear takes five or ten minutes to get in and out of anyhow, so at competitions it made it nice to not have to get undressed to use a toilet.

  7. Tim says:

    I play hockey and often wear Abena Xpluses under my pads. It seems weird to skate while wearing them at first but its not that akward after say 10 minutes. It helps to relax and just focus on the games to. So i dont think it is that far fetched that some perfesional sports players would wear. Soccer might be a different story becuase you have so much running envolved. Anything with hip pads or any kind of leg padding would not only be easy to conceal but it would not feel as akward as you would assume it would.

  8. Well, I can almost guarantee you that professional FOOTBALL players would not wear diapers due to locker room antics. Enough said.

    As far as sports and incont. go – probably not too many of them get into the paid professional arenas.

    As far as diaper design goes for active ppl. Here is the “Next” market. Bambinos and others alike broke into the “make them babyish” market. Now enter the active public discreet market. I imagine low profile diapers that can take on wetting and thats it. They will probably be dark in color or be trimmed way low so they dont show above the underwear line. Heck, what am I saying! I am lookin up to see if there is a patent now… shhh dont tell anyone

  9. Ken says:

    I think that it may not be a simple expected value of probability. Perhaps for instance incontinent people are embarrassed in the locker room and thus don’t get involved in sports as others when they are kids. Thus, the %age of incontinent professional athletes is lower than the percentage of incontinent people. Also, athletes are in their prime years for bladder strength and capacity. They’re not children, nor do the have enlarged prostates yet.

    Although these two factors don’t completely eliminate the chances, they probably reduce the number a bit.

  10. J says:

    As for the” and “″ it’s B.S. (wishfull thinking), they are not diapered it’s a backbrace to support your lower back when comming down from a jump and tena is just like any other sponsor.

    But I’m sure Formula 1 drives wear diapers, they just can’t get out of the car to go to the toilet and there are a couple of pictures that prove some of those professional athletes should have worn diapers.

  11. steve says:

    no, the volleyball team isn’t a “handicapped” team, they were at the normal world championsship and here in Europe on TV, too…
    nothing like Paralympics

  12. chris says:

    i am from europe, and i dont meant to say that they would play in a special league, but i meant that people know that they are kind of handicapped and they all play in that team.

    there is no other team like this afaik.

  13. Todd says:

    I can almost guarantee you that football players do not wear diapers actually. Players need to be able to run as their speed is so important and their ability to move. Many players confess to not wearing a jock strap or cup because it hampers their ability to run, especially the wide receivers. The only sport which I don’t even really consider a sport that you would see players wearing diapers is nascar because they’re in the car for so long.

  14. Sam says:

    NASCAR drivers don’t wear them, they sweat enough in the car that they don’t really get hydrated enough to pee. The can lose up to 15lbs a race in just sweat, and they will just go in the seat if they have to.

  15. dumpling says:

    Interesting post and comments, it’ll give me something to think about for the story I’m working on ^^

  16. Kovalchuk says:

    Well… with all the padding hockey players, especially goalies, wear, you never know!

  17. Turtle says:

    I know that some scuba divers use diapers.
    But only for technical diving.

    There is a good article in ABKingdom about diapers used in sport.

  18. dutchdude says:

    Glider pilots use occasionally diapers.

    usually a flight has got a airtime of 15-40 minutes and when you wee right before departure it isn’ t a problem. However on longer flights there is a chance that you have to wee in your plane. The aircraft builder can install a sanitary system, but is only for males, is a lot of wheight and is expensive.

    So diapers are seen as a cheap alternative there

  19. hockeyplayer says:

    I need diapers and play icehockey. Im not alone in my team,some other guys also have diapers.

  20. ROCKER-FAN says:

    i dont know about diapers and sports it sounds like a good combo lol

  21. hockeymum says:

    My son have diapers when he play icehockey

  22. senili says:

    I am professional soccer palyer in italy. I wear diapers 24/7 but I can garatee that many (no all) palyers wear disponsable diapers to play matches.

  23. hockeygoalie. says:

    I am a proffessional hockeygoalie and i allways have bambino diapers. It is perfect have diapers under your hockeyuniform and im not alone.

  24. triker says:

    Golfers may wear diapers. I know I do as it helps me relax and concentrate on the shot instead of wondering where the nearest john is located so I can make it there in time. I don’t pee large amounts, but do pee frequently, so my diapers are great for peace of mind (and for my improving score). :-) Triker

  25. Hampus. says:

    I have diapers and play icehockey

  26. Jamie says:

    my bf wears diapers to play soccer and some other players in his time do 2

  27. SJ says:

    I play ice hockey, and although not incontinent, I do find after a game that I have “trickled” a wee bit into my cup. I’ve thought about using some sort of male guard, since I wear the boxer style jock and it would be hard to notice. But the trickle has been so minute that the fabric that holds the cup has been enough to absorb it, and I just wash it the next day.

  28. Wayne says:

    Ok, they don’t probably wear them and this isn’t “diapers” like we probably wear but here is how discrete it could be for the pros that might..

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