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Changing an Adult’s Messy Diaper

November 13, 2009 by  
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I know I do not post much in regards to this topic but I wanted to shed some light on a topic/dilemma that is sometimes even hard for me just in terms of the work required and materials used…even as experienced as I am. So, I was changing Peter’s poopy diaper yesterday and I swear it took me like the whole package of wipes to clean him up and it really required a lot of work. Now, I know adult’s messes are a lot bigger than babies but I guess I feel like there should be an easier and more convenient method for cleaning him up. His messes are sometimes just so big I guess that I feel like I am more just “smearing it” around then I am actually wiping it up. I mean, here I am holding up his legs for like 10 minutes or so while I wipe him which I know is uncomfortable him after a point. I know its probably easier to use a wet washcloth to wipe him first but I will say that is not always convenient. So, I am looking for some tips that anyone is willing to share in this matter as I just want to be able to change his pooped diapers a bit easier because its not only a lot of work for me but also it gets uncomfortable for him having his legs raised for that long while I clean him up.

I have always been pretty experienced with changing messy diapers whether it is Peter or when I have babysat.

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34 Responses to “Changing an Adult’s Messy Diaper”
  1. wildcat says:

    Ever tried a doubled over paper towel? Just get it a little wet and swipe it all off like a squeegee.

  2. DiaperBadBoy says:

    so, an idea i had was, possibly getting a towel or changing pad. or bed pad and getting a pitcher of warm water and running it down the messy part, and then wiping it clean with a wipe or dry towel. i don’t know how much time you have and what resources you have, but i had to do that a few times. You could also just bring him into the showe and clean him up that way other. i hope that helps.

  3. Aussy says:

    I used to change my little brothers all the time and I know the scale of the mess will be different but it still works for me when I can talk my wife into changing me. After you pull the tabs off, and you have them lift their legs, “scape” the mess off with the front of the diaper as you pull it down, fold the front of diaper into itself, and then reach under grab the back part of the diaper and ‘scape’ up to get any of the mess that went up the back. It doesn’t get all of it but usually 90-95%, and then use the wipes, but a damp wash cloth is always better though. I usually keep 2 damp cloths in a sealable tupperware container in my D-Bag, and of course a bag of wipes.

  4. Rathe says:


  5. Bryan says:

    First off, I think you’re very lucky to have someone :)

    Second, A change of diet could make his messes easier to clean up, but I don’t think I’d be too willing to do that, so I don’t know how he would like it.

    I don’t have any ideas other than that :P sorry.

  6. puffybutt says:

    Not sure if Peter is shaved down there, or would want to be. But hair or no hair,vaseline and baby oil applied liberally to the entire diaper area makes messes easier to clean up.
    At least for me. Not sure why,but the mess just comes off easier and quicker.

  7. Zigma says:

    How about using the shower, and get jet wash cleaned?

  8. Steve says:

    Does Peter or yourself need to be lying down while changing all the time? I always change messy diapers while standing up. As Aussy mentioned, use the front and back of the diaper to scrape off as much as you can, then I use damp paper towel to clean the rest off. Having a shaved butt helps, but not required. Use one or two wipes to make sure the area is cleaned of the majority of bacteria and you’re all done. Again, I find it so much faster to clean while standing – or at least leaning against a counter top or similar surface. Don’t forget to post on your trials and let us know if our suggestions worked for both of you.

  9. Ben says:

    We stopped using normal sized wipes a long time ago, and now just buy the adult washcloth wipes you find in the incontinence section of any drugstore. They work great at cleaning up a mess, and you don’t use nearly as many.

  10. Billi says:

    I rarely have a messy diaper, but when I do I stand in the bath/shower, undo my diaper folding it to hold 80 to 90% in the diaper itself. Then with a hot wet washrag and the shower going I clean myself up. Once I am clean I rinse out the wash cloth and finally clean up the tub. AS I said I rarely lose control. Because of unclean public bathrooms in many local stores (I live in an upscale neighborhood in Phoenix)I am wearing a diaper and peeing in it if I need to – should I have to poop I think I would stop my shopping and go home to take care of my mess. Sorry that I do not have any other ideas about messy diapers other than using the shower.

  11. MP says:

    Gosh, if it takes 10 minutes or longer to wipe up, why not just take a shower instead?
    or use a bidet if you have one…

  12. william says:

    I know shaving definately helps! all of the above really….scraping off using the diaper and also the wet cloths. My wife uses those and she also has huggies brand cloth wipes that are a bit bigger than baby wipes.

  13. babybeka says:

    mom hates changing my messy diapers. most times i have to stand in the shower, or get in the tubb.

    huggs, beka

  14. Arvedin says:

    I discovered something that made cleaning up messes MUCH easier. Walgreen’s sells wipes designed for cleaning messy hands. They’re sold with the baby wipes, in a large plastic-bag type thingie, with a hard plastic dispenser on top, and the bag is decorated with multicolor handprints. They’re twice as large as a baby wipe, much thicker, and textured.

    Cleaning up a mess only takes me three of those, four if it’s a bad one. So much nicer!

  15. charles says:

    I sent an solution to peters page, I really think it will work out for you, but I’ll post it here for everyone. I like to use a plastic “cut card” used by casinos to cut the decks. Its easily cleaned, flexable, and the same size as a card from a deck. You could also use a playing card, as they are cheap, and you get forty-plus in a deck, and just throw them away, as you use them. Let me know what you think. It works really good and saves on wipe usage bigtime!

  16. Matt says:

    Doesn’t it sort of ruin the excitement for you and Peter once you’ve passed the one minute mark of cleaning him up? I don’t know, I guess I’m just not into scat as much as you two. Earnestly, no offense intended.

  17. Nobody Important says:

    Hey! I’m new to this site. I found it because (honestly…) I have an extreme turn on for adult diapers. I’m only 15 years old, but one thing I discovered about myself is that women who wear diapers turn me on. Oh… god, I don’t want to come off too creepy! Look I’m trying to be sincere, I’m not a freak-o.

    MY point is: I’ve tried asking on Yahoo! Answers, but all I get are stupid responses like, “Oh! You’re a troll”. I want to honestly know how to identify if someone is wearing diapers. Because I’ve noticed a few of the pictures on this website, and the diapers beneath the pants are rather inconspicuous.

    -Sigh- My dream in life is to meet a girl who is nice, and smart, and funny, and most importantly incontinent, Haha. It saddens me to think that probably will never happen.

    Anyway, can you help me any? *Puppy Dog Eyes*?

  18. Will says:

    /facepalm to post above.

    Ah now I can see how utterly ridiculous I looked when I was 15 too, kid please do yourself a favor and troll for the next 5 years you will learn a lot more and make yourself look like less of a douche, seriously I am trying to help here.

  19. Jack says:

    @Nobody Important
    Right now you are young and life is too important. All I can say is just to learn on your own about the ABDL scene. As for a girl the best thing for a guy to do is keep looking for that open minded girlfriend. I have had a few girlfriends who would act as a baby for me…and a whole lot who took it wrong and I lost a relationship with them. I truly have found it easier to just use it as a kink here and there for fun and let the relationship be based on how we love each other and not on lust for her in a diaper.

  20. Zigma says:

    @Will I agree with you 100%

  21. littlefoxboy says:

    if you’re at home and it’s a big mess a shower is the best thing you can do, if a shower is not an option, you need some wipes, preferably the ones called adult bath wipes.

  22. MESS MASTER says:

    I have found that a wet dry vac works on geting most of the mess up and in the end it is easy to clean out just spray it with a gradin hose.

  23. mee says:

    Abit Of Humour

    Bring him in the Garage And Get the Presure Washer out!

  24. diaper lover says:

    i like to see more pics of you in a dipaer

  25. krinklypants says:

    They do make adult sized Wet Wipes…I usually use the Attends brand, and they are over 2x as large as a baby wipe.

  26. That Guy says:

    The large adult wipes seems to help the most. Keeping the legs down but having the person roll to one side makes it much easier too. You’ll have used only 2 wipes, maybe less and done in about a minute or so. Putting on a bit extra baby powder helps ensure that the mess doesn’t collect on the skin. Being shaved in that area also helps to keep most of it in the diaper. Trying to change as soon as you’ve had an accident helps. These are just a few tips I can give you from my g/f changing my diapers. She changes them all the time and chooses if I get to change them myself. When we’re out and about she’ll have a few wipes in a plastic baggy she gives me to use in the bathroom. Practice makes perfect, if one way isn’t working experiment and try a different way.

    Thanks and good luck.

  27. messypantz says:

    Try not having him “sit” in a dirty diaper for a long time. You can also start the cleaning process by using the front of the diaper.

  28. Pancakehiatt says:

    Wind shield wiper?

  29. Safetyfirst says:

    About the pressure washer. Don’t ever use that directly on someone skin. That is not a very nice experience. And I know it was a joke but it might give people bad ideas…

  30. Jill says:

    Serious Question: How do you get him back in his diaper if you are changing him and he gets “excited”? It’s a problem I have with my boyfriend…

  31. Tausa says:

    A tip from nursing home colleagues: shaving foam helps ease off fecal matter, especially if it is matted in pubic hair. Just wipe/rinse after if any skin sensitivity.

  32. im12know says:

    @Jill: It really depends on the type of penis your boyfriend has. If it is flexible enough to be bent downwards, go for that and tape up the diaper. Otherwise, allow it to stick straight up and leave the top tapes of the diaper undone until he calms down a bit, then you/he can fit your hand down there to get things pointed in the right direction, and then finalize it with the top tapes.

    Also, if you keep the penis pointing down throughout the changing process, you can effectively prevent it from getting too stiff. This is why a man can have an erection in a closed diaper without hurting himself.

    Hope you get it figured out!

  33. Charles says:

    The hose hahaha. JK. I would recommend that he gets a brazilian wax or you do some kind of hair removal. That makes clean up basically 100 percent easier.

  34. Bree says:

    If I’ve sat in a poopy diaper for any more then 20 minutes my mom
    Throws in a half a cup of baby oil in the back of the diaper and rubs
    It’s in especially near my butt cheeks to get the poop to not stick and the
    Change goes easier. As soon as she does that I usually lay in a pad
    And she undoes the front and wipes some of the poop back with the front and
    Folds the diaper up. If its really bad she helps me stand up to lean against
    The wall as she wipes me up with wipes after that I lay down and she finishes it
    With a clean diaper. If the mess isn’t that bad after she wipes me with the front of the
    Diaper she turns me on my side and wipes me that way. I don’t know it works for
    Me :)

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