Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wearing Diapers to the Gym

January 28, 2010 by  
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So, I recently joined a local gym and I am trying to make it a habit to go almost everyday.

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8 Responses to “Wearing Diapers to the Gym”
  1. Michael (U.K) says:

    With the Bambino diapers do you feel like the second tape should be 2-4 CM lower because I don’t think it hugs the body properly and feels extremly loose, with any other Diapers (Molicares) i have no problem with the day-to-day wearing but every so often I will wear bambino (as a treat sort of thing) and there’s always that feeling like its loose, does anybody else think the same?


  2. Adrian says:

    Can’t say I have that problem…Try putting the two top tapes on tight and just aim to move them closer to the top of the diaper. I always put the two top tapes tight and the two bottom tapes a tad loser. And, its a perfect fit – gotta love em!

  3. WillInTn says:

    Actually, I have to agree with Michael in that I can get molicares to fit perfectly but I can never get the Bambino or Abriform X-Plus to fit nearly as well. I have gone through thousands of molicares and only a handful of the other two brands and so I cannot really say that I wouldn’t eventually be able to get as good of a fit with Bambinos.

  4. Patrick says:

    I have warn diapers out in the snow with a snowsuit, and I was playing the snow, rolling around in it and throwing snow balls, I looked a little crazy, but it was fun. I was wearing a Bambino at the time and it was so much fun, I could get at wet as I wanted, and know that my butt was protected. It’s the best feeling ever to be diapered in the snow

  5. wildcat says:

    Adrian: This is the first time I have heard you mention use of the Secure Plus diaper as one of your general use diapers. I also read that you are wearing Bambinos to work now. Before I thought you posted that you mostly wear Attends when you are at work and to the gym? Do you often change what you use on a daily basis or is it whatever the mood strikes you? I think that would be a good topic for a post, the evolution of the different brands and models you have cycled through throughout the past year/years. I think we’d all be interested in hearing your real life opinion about how they all stack up for somebody who has to deal with incontinence 24/7. Thanks and keep posting!

  6. Hugo says:

    I’ve triyed too use at the gym, but i am not confident at this point :\

  7. Brian says:

    I’ve worn a diaper to the gym at college a few times. I feel the same rush when complete strangers might find out I’m wearing a diaper… It’s almost like I want them to know.

  8. andres says:

    hola:adrian yo uso pa

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