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Satisfaction of a Messy Diaper

May 8, 2009 by  
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I have been meaning to write about this topic for some time now but never got around to it because I always thought of something else or had something else to write.

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32 Responses to “Satisfaction of a Messy Diaper”
  1. Tiestofan123 says:

    Are those vintage True Religion? I just bought a pair from Neimans a few days ago… Seriously, what is with designer clothes and diapers? LOL

  2. blue says:

    nice post i really enjoyed it, its the same way i feel. you should have a photo of you in that messy and wet diaper at that time of the day

  3. Adrian says:

    Ha, Yes they are True Religion jeans. All the designer jeans I have though – I never pay full price – Ebay, Sales, Etc.

  4. Momo says:

    That is an awesome perspective. Personally I hope I never become incontinent but I am happy that I can finally accept myself as who I am and that me being a diaper lover isn’t a monster or something.

    As for eBay :)
    High five for you girl! That website is the best thing made so far, I got some $200 pants for like $80.

  5. Manuel says:

    Thanks for posting about this. Not too often to read someone posting openly about enjoying a messy diaper. Difficult subject. But i agree with you totally. Ultimate babyish feeling

    Again thank you. I love your posts

  6. diaperlover28 says:

    Great article, hope u keep up the great work, thanks for the pics they are awesome.

  7. Carrie says:

    Are you going to continue to expand on thr “Sensation you get from a messy diaper”? Like what exactly you like about it?

  8. Jks16 says:

    Thanks for posting!! IT is really cool you can take something that most people would consider to be totally negative and turn it into the most positive thing you can do for yourself.

  9. Christopher says:

    I recently found your blog, and i am very impressed. I have enjoyed reading your posts and very much enjoy hearing how you have brought diapers to be a happy part of your life.

  10. wetnbulky says:

    Did I miss something or is this a “to be continued…”?

  11. nappybum says:

    Hi Adrian, I think some people are confused by this post. The first time I loaded this page without adobe flash, I could read the entire post, but not view the photo. With adobe flash you can see the photo, but only half your post. It finishes at ‘makes me feel satisfied, I guess you could say.’

    Anyway, love your blog. Looking forward to reading Peter’s.

  12. Dydee says:

    Hi Adrian,
    When I started out, I thought I was “the only one”, etc who was into this. Since then I’ve found that everything I discovered on my own has been paralleled by so many others in this community !! I feel this wonderful validation when someone else expresses something with words that eluded me. So, for “satisfaction of a messy diaper” you deserve a big hug-and-a-kiss because, well, for this moment we are the same !!
    Shall I say it’s the satisfaction of a Job well done? :]

  13. littlemac says:


    Great post. Although I’m glad to not be incontinent , I have the same feelings when it is time to make a poopy. For me, it is eventual use of a diaper when in regression mode. I know when I need to go and have control. My challenge is relaxing enough and concentrating on right now to the point its as nature as it can be. I can feel when I start to go and if I just relax and let nature have it’s way, it is a babyish as it can be.

    I remember the first time I knowingly made a poopy diaper in the first diaper I ever bought. I was imagining being a toddler trying to make it to the potty, but stopping short and entering the concentration mode standing in a corner. Sitting the first time really put me in the place of being a regressed baby.

    You and Peter are lucky to have one another.

  14. Drew says:

    I like your blog Adrian. You are pretty cool. I have a cousin who’s a drug addict and he always messes himself. I’ve been trying to get him to put on diapers for a while now.

  15. Andy says:

    For those who couldnt read the rest becaue the picture cut it off –

    A messy diaper for many is probably is the ultimate babyish feeling when wearing diapers because it represents the ultimate loss of control and needing to be changed. That is probably one of the main reasons I love the feeling of a messy diaper. When you mess in your diaper its a feeling of satisfaction because now you have done the ultimate babyish thing. There you are sitting in a poopy diaper needing someone to change you. I like that feeling. I am lucky that I have Peter to be there whenever I do accidentally poop my diaper. He makes sure to take care of everything because he knows I like when he takes control in situations like that. So, here is how it goes down a lot of times. I come home from work and typically he gets home before I do so he is watching TV (usually sports lol) and I just come in and put my stuff down and kiss him Hello. Then, I usually get on the computer and check everything and for some reason that period of the day (evening) is a trigger for something in me to poop. Sometimes I feel it kind of coming and sometimes I don’t – if you don’t have fecal incontinence then its an extremely hard feeling to describe when you have to poop. You can’t control it but sometimes know it is coming. So, that is a big time when I mess my diaper and Peter knows to check me a lot of times around that time based on history. So, I will go start making dinner and he will usually wander into the kitchen and pull back my diaper and check me. Which, by the way is probably one of my FAVORITE feelings is just the act of having him check me. Then, when he knows I pooped my diaper he will let me finish what I am doing and change me. But, I will say that I don’t like being in a poopy diaper too long because it can get uncomfortable and I am not the biggest fan of the smell. I like the bulky feeling at first but once you start moving around and sit down and a few times – it can become uncomfortable with the fecal matter against my butt. So, I typically like to be changed if possible within 30-40 minutes of messing my diaper. But, it is more the satisfaction of feeling babyish and the needing to be changed that really makes me love it. I mean, I do like the feeling of a poopy diaper physically, but I like the babyish mentality of it more. Sort of hard to describe, honestly. But, hopefully I got my point across. Oh, and hopefully you enjoyed the photo I included with this post

  16. Babymouse says:

    Hey thanks for posting the rest of that post! :)

  17. littlefoxboy says:

    Hey long time reader here, How do you deal with smell since you do have the mess to deal with. I’ve heard nullo is supposed to be good was wondering if you’ve tried it, I find calmoseptine does wonders for the irritation and prevention of diaper rash but not alot for smell

  18. Andy says:

    I am finding it ever more suprising and pleasing to hear that other people feel exactly as I do. I think there are a lot of people out there who haven’t researched the subject of ABDL feel they are alone, wierd and have the thought that something is wrong with them for enjoying what society says is a disgusting thing. Adrian has shown to me that it is normal, many people around the world enjoy the feeling of a messy or wet diaper and I for one thank Adrian for guiding me into my acceptance of ABDL in me. Just by reading everyones comments and ideas on this site has helped me a lot. So thank you to everyone.

  19. Keith says:

    One of the big things I think people who don’t accept our lifestyle need to think of is that we were ‘designed’ to release and empty ourselves as needed- not when someone has trained us to. There was no ‘switch-over’ time for our bodies to control themselves. That control was forced on us.

  20. ultrapampers says:

    Adrian, I just wanted to say that is quite possibly the hottest diaper picture ever taken! And no, I won’t post it anywhere else

  21. incontinent for life says:

    andy aret you adrian i seen that you said peter changs you it is kind of a dead give a way lol im never awhere that i’m pooping in my diaper becouse it mosty happens when i’m a sleep but i have had it happen when i was at work it is very hard to chang a messy diaper at work me being a privet contractor i’m never at the same place im allways on a difrint job site

  22. torstein says:

    I used to think along very similar lines, but just this morning walking to work I the most unpleasant poop in my diaper I’ve for a long long time. And I just wanted get out of them. Now I happily changed, wet and not looking forward to the next accident. Luckily, I am not incontinent and can decide about how and when to go. However, sometimes I would love to live in a similar fashion to you …

  23. LilJennie says:

    I have to agree that a messy diaper is about the ultimate babyish feeling — so little and helpless. There’s nobody who changes my diapers, so I only poo in them very rarely — and only in disposables, since I don’t want my cloth diapers to get all stained and yucky. I would say that if there were somebody in my life who changed my diapers, it would be up to them whether I went #2 in my diapers or in the potty — after all, they’d be the one who would have to change me if I did use my diapers for that! Anyway, I don’t like the smell or the mess, so I agree completely: there’s a great feeling when I mess my diaper, but it wears off pretty fast, and I usually want a change pretty soon.

  24. DL4life says:

    i have to agree with Adrian and Manuel that pooping yourself is the ultimate babyish feeling, and it feels good. I personally like the feeling of a messy diaper, but not for more than 30 min-1 hour. But the best part is the babyish feeling you get when you do :)

  25. BabyJhonny says:

    am i the only one that has noticed that every time someone trys to describe the sensation or satisfaction of a messy diaper, they always leave out the warm feeling ?

  26. Tabi says:

    I get real dreamy then explode in my nether regons. Those custard poopies and that warm ball licking and slowly sliding its way into my cave and love button wants me to get wild.
    Sometimes I do some jumping jacks or just some baby situps to make sure my love mound is well covered and then flip over on my tummy on top of a pillow and just sorta do a slow grind, while rubbing and twisting my nipples.
    I always wear tampons when doing this exercise and cleanup is fun too. Sometimes I am extra naughty and after cleaning up I repin or retab my dirty diaper and started all over again, the O’s are awesome. Now if I could just find a baby girl playmate that is into this I would be complete and so would she.

  27. susanj says:

    What determines how long I can stay in a messy diaper is the consistency of the poop. A loose one makes me want to change right away. I can sit on a firm one for hours and not be bothered by it. Needless to say, I try to keep my diet producing firm ones, because having one in my diaper is a daily occurrence.

    Admittedly, I like the feeling of the firm ones coming out as I walk or stand. Kind of a pleasure to make up for having to sit in it afterwards.

    Good diapers, good plastic pants and control top pantyhose keeps me stealth.

  28. Mike Brown says:

    That depends I stay in a messy diaper about 3hrs or until it overload then shorter sometime sleep with load depend

  29. Mike Brown says:

    Well today on dear Abby and stolen diapers on the internate and newspapers so this week poopy diaper week was the topic sofar so it out

  30. Mike Brown says:

    Well I’m going to do it tonight fill my diaper when doing bills I’ll everyone how it went ok

  31. Mike Brown says:

    Ijust wet my diaper and litle poo came out not to messy just right at work then more came out at home which I am sitting on now feel good

  32. David says:

    I agree with Andy, the act and process of pooing my diaper just really puts me in a nice place where I can feel like a naughty little 3 year old boy. I love to poop my diaper when I am wearing corduroy overalls or shortalls over a turtleneck onesie.

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