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Premium Diaper Prices Comparison Chart

February 10, 2010 by  
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So, I have been catching some flak from a few people about my ABUniverse diaper prices rant.

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20 Responses to “Premium Diaper Prices Comparison Chart”
  1. brittney says:

    Very nice chart, very professional looking. It really shows in good detail what you were describing in your last post.

  2. Michael (U.K) says:

    I find the cheapest way to buy diapers in the United Kingdom is to buy them off this website and then i buy them from the sample section it saves alot when you buy in bulk and delivery is cheaper to.

  3. Ryan says:

    The price for that ABU diaper in nuts. No way would I pay that.

  4. cwick says:

    I think this is going down the road where you’ll end up having to try the abu diapers adrian. Least then you can let everyone know what you think about them.

    Stay healthy and happy everyone ^_^


  5. Nicky says:

    I ordered from them and never received them. 70 bucks worth. 2 months ago. I won’t order from them again.

  6. GlennDL says:

    Awesome data! I’m seriously tempted (why? because I can!) to perform a multiple-regression analysis of price v. performance over time to determine the true value of each diaper model. Perhaps we might measure value as “diaper-days” or “pamper-performance” or some similar relative ratio? Gotta think about that…

  7. Dubious says:

    no standing leg cuffs on an adult diaper is pure fail
    might work when standing, but sitting and laying down its gonna leak

  8. Jks16 says:

    I didn’t know about the no standing leg cuff… I don’t want to pay so much for a diaper that has a good chance to leak on me. I mean it is awesome that they are trying to make a true baby diaper in adult sizes, but for so much more money, I would expect it to have some features found on all other quality diapers..

  9. Robby says:

    I have not tried them either but I did try the ones they had with the dinosaur on them. The tape zone separated from the rest of the diaper and I had trouble with them. These look cool though with one tape on each side. I have also tried the Bambino ones. I liked the diaper look and everything but they swalloed me. I use to wear medium Attends and since I started working from home, I have put on some weight sitting at a desk (i know, i need to get out more and exercise). Anyway, I had to go up to large and they were way too big. So I went looking for something in between and tried that other one (ABU and yes too expensive). I heard some manufacturers sizes are different. Still too big anyway. I’m frustrated now with no diaper that fits good. Im 37-38 in waist (size jeans I wear) and want to try the Abena ones but afraid to spend the money. Guess I just need to lose weight, lol! The only diaper that fit me well is the breather ones from Attends, they make those in a regular size in between medium and large but they are with the cloth like material, I hate that. Feel like I am wearing a paper towel! I wish they made that size in the bambino. Oh Well! (sorry, just frustrated with diapers that don’t fit and want to wear them badly)

  10. Adrian says:

    ^ Yeh, I am sure they are expensive when it comes to having to ship them from the United States to Australia…just sort of a location thing.

  11. black-dragon says:

    Nice chart there for price differnece on the selected diapers. I feel lucky that i have not ordered anything from ABU yet and still can’t say if I will for what ever I decide to do with that self debate just for me. Out of the mega sample pack. Price high for a two pack sample and $15.00 shipping. I belive Nicky said in a reply to this topic he spent $70 Bucks and heard nothing for 2 months from ABU. With that I really don’t think I’ll get anything from ABU as much as I’m craving the curiousity I think I spelled that right I hope, of the Super Dry Kids and new Chusie for the feel of one taped diapers. Only time will tell.

  12. littlefoxboy says:

    The tapes on the ABuniverse diapers were also pretty bad when I tried them

  13. Adrian says:

    Yes the tapes on the ABUniverse diapers are quite poor but I just did not mention that in this because it was mainly a cost comparison.

  14. SorryForAnonymous says:

    As you only compared Bambinos with two other brands your european readers might have never tried either, I wanted to write a bit about my experience with Bambinos as I think there’s a huge difference between premium American and premium European diapers:

    Even though I’m living in Germany, I had the chance to get my hands on two packs of bambinos a few months ago (Bianco and the printed ones, size S).
    I have worn 4-5 of them during the last few months, but I’m not sure if they live up to my expectations:
    They have a unique ‘industrial’ smell to them (Maybe it’s the plastic cover, I dunno). All of us know that most diapers smell a bit because of the polymers or the cotton, or because the store that sold them has had them a bit longer on the shelves, but the bambinos smell is so artificial and intense that I really dislike it. (I’ve tested over 20 different brands of european diapers last year, and none of them had this problem or the slight ‘medical’ smell could easily be removed by using baby powder). Anybody got any tipps about removing that smell from bambinos?

    My other problem with bambinos was the absorbancy. They really can absorb very much compared to other brands, but(!) even if I only use the bambinos a little bit, they won’t absorb liquid off my skin so I’m pretty wet compared to other premium diapers like Tena Maxi or Molicare Super Plus (dunno if the european versions are any better than those exported to America). With Tena you could actually say that my skin is ‘dry’, even after 2-3 smaller wettings (I have yet to find a diaper that holds a full-sized wetting without stuffers. Tena Medium aren’t doing too bad, but are a bit too big, and I only got the small Bambinos, so I can’t test if the medium bambinos are hugely superior to the small ones).

    So, sadly (or luckily, because I wouldn’t be able to get them again anyway? ;) ), the Bambinos just aren’t the right diaper for me. They smell weird, especially when wet or in the morning when used as a night-time diaper, they feel very wet to my skin/it stings a bit in the morning compared to other adult diapers, and on a personal note, the landing zone for the tapes is too hard for my taste, I like the smooth feeling of a molicare or the thick but not as crinkly or hard landing zone of a Tena maxi much more. The prints on the bambinos still make me want to wear one from time to time, but other than that it seems like there are better alternatives on the european market.

    As a closing note, Tena and even more so Molicare diapers are far away from the absorbancy (compared to size) and dryness of a pampers baby dry sold in Germany (I’ve heard they are different, too, as our size 6 is comparable to your size 7 cruisers). I really like to use one as a stuffer, and when modding a medium size diaper with two baby dry diapers you could probably go 24h in one diaper without skin irritation :)

  15. SorryForAnonymous says:

    Forgot a question:
    Do Bambino diapers have an odor neutralizing ingredient? I noticed that Abena X-Plus, Bambino and (even thoug not as bad) Molicare diaper do a worse job at neutralizing urine odor than Tenas, and I wondered if that is because the manufacturers didn’t add odor neutralizier for some brands at all.

  16. black-dragon says:

    Speaking of prices, Ebay is questionable for diapers. Not knowing if anyne has ever bought diapers off ebay for need or a bargain or a rush for whatever reason and the nature of diapers most people would buy from a medical supply store or a quality online retail store when it comes to diapers. Ebay store Diapers Direct has the Super Dry Kids and the Chusies. A bidding price of $24.94 and a buy it now price of $29.95 and $8.95 shipping. For the most part, thats just as high as ABU. Only time will tell if and whenever I chose to get any of those diapers. With those high prices, yeah its the major treat kind of thing when it comes to diapers. Only time will tell.

  17. autieab says:

    Regarding standing leak guards/leg gathers on Cushies, I can assure you that they absolutely *do* have them :)

  18. Adrian says:

    ^ Yes, it has been corrected.

  19. SJ says:

    Thanks for the cost analysis. I do like the ABU diapers, but they are lacking important features for the price they charge. Even if they added waistbands, I doubt they will go double tape. I like the sentiment, but not very practical, even for a recreational user such as myself. I would keep a small supply on hand for fun, but not much more than 10 or so at a given time. They are just too pricey. I need a diaper that fits snug, stays comfortable all night, and is affordable. Bambino seems to better fit the bill.

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