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Supporting the ABDL Companies

February 25, 2012 by  
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The ABDL community definitely only has a few companies out there that exclusively tailor their products to the community.

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29 Responses to “Supporting the ABDL Companies”
  1. abray says:

    Great to see you posting again. It is difficult to get Bambinos in Canada.

  2. Dragon-Knight says:

    Hello there. The links are working now. I’ll venture a guess there was a technical issue or something related. Anyways, with Bambino Diapers for me, no trouble at all. As for ABU, my orders are far and few depending of my frame of mind. With ABU for the most part for me, they have been good to me. Only recently they sent me a large pack of cushies because I ended up with a medium pack in my most recent order from Black Friday back in November. No charge at all for that pack. Other than that, nothing to new for me that I’ve not notice about any given AB/DL company or a company that is AB/DL aware. As always Adrian, keep up the good work here on you blog and take it easy. Dragon-Knight

  3. mitch says:

    hay i was woundering a few things i dont know if you can help i am a diaper lover and right now i use depend for men i think there good because i have had this one on for the past 15 hrs and it has not leaked ortherwise when i am in diaper i like to feeling of the thick diaper being there so some times i use goodnites i know they dont hold much for adult but i went on ebay and bought 2 packages one pack of 11 xl girls sleep shorts. and a package of boys 11 xl boys boxers i enjoy those cause they got the extra material throught my legs. do you know of any better diaper that holds a ton of liquid. i am a diaper lover that only pees cause that goes inside the diaper i dont poo cause that stays in the diaper but if ur sitting all over u.

  4. follower says:

    Hey Adrian,

    I have been following your blog for ages. I have to say that I usually agree with your opinions. This thread came across as being a bit self-contradictory. You proceed to tell everyone the importance of supporting ABDL specific companies. Then you mention that one is suspect (‘but won’t mention names’). Finally you bag the crap out of ABUniverse and then (just for something new) rave about Bambino.

    I totally respect your opinion and I am not for a second suggesting that you are wrong or mistaken. I do think however, that the title of the thread should have been something like: ABUniverse VS Bambino. Then there would have been no pretence and the thread would not have seemed righteous in any way.

    You might completely ignore me here, but I don’t like reading the negative threads and continual snipes directed at other websites and diaper companies not to your liking. As a regular ADISC user and a fan of ABU products, it can be a bit grating to read your blog sometimes. I like Bambino and also many of the forum sites you have outwardly complimented in the past.

    I read your blog for your perspective and mature content. Please don’t take my feedback the wrong way. I am simply offering you my thoughts as a long time follower.

    Hope to read more soon,
    Happy blogging!

  5. Adrian says:

    I respect your opinion and appreciating you respecting mine. I feel we should support ALL ABDL companies but that does not mean I have to agree with certain ones. In my opinion ADISC is wrong…you know that. We probably differ in that opinion. I feel what ABUniverse does in mingling with some “sketchy” companies/services/whatever that have been known to deal with kids is WRONG. Plain and simple. I still don’t think we should not support them at all but I still will make my opinion known…they do make some descent products but I just cannot not state my opinion on that because of how wrong I think it is. We probably differ in this and that is fine…but my blog, my opinions – not going to censor it because people don’t want to hear it. Sorry :-)

  6. ificouldholdit says:

    So far as i know, ive never supported more than one ABDL company and that is bambino. I did buy a onesie to help hold my diaper when i sleep, but it was from a medical supply company and listed as a diapering shirt. I will have to buy a better onesie since the medical supply place doesnt know how to make them to any known proportions of human size. great blog

  7. abray says:

    Hi Ificouldholdit. I bought a body suit from The Brianna style is a great fit to hold your diaper in. They are not abdl but it works. I also bought diaper shirts from

  8. Dan says:

    As someone who lives in Canada I just have to say it is very difficult to support the AB companies. I purchased ABU products only once and I did it to try them. I will probably never purchase again because the price is far to high in Canada.

    I absolutely love Bambino’s products. Their quality is truly something to behold but the cost of buying Bambinos here in Canada is not by any means cheap. The one place that has them is a really great online shop for Canadians. great customer service and great products. I have been purchasing from them for several years. I know it’s not their fault for the high prices. So I am not all blaming them.

    Despite the prices I do still buy Bambino products every time I need to restock. I don’t wear them all the time so a case will last me quite a while. If I for whatever reason ended up in a situation were I had to wear diapers full time or even just at night then I probably would not always buy Bambino products.

    It’s nice that companies like ABU and Bambino exist to help serve the AB/DL community. These companies are limited to mainly only the US though with some availability in Canada. I hope in the future there is some improvement with these 2 major companies and maybe we see new companies rise up because the AB/DL community is world wide :)

  9. Matthew says:

    another site that just came to mind is “Diaper” , a bit expensive but worth checking out

  10. Amanda says:

    As much as I’m DL, I prefer to support Adult Diaper Companies only. Still you’re great Adrian better than Reina Grosvalet

  11. Andrew says:

    I’m more into Bambino diapers than ABU. I mean, which one of us doesn’t enjoy the babyish print?


  12. Organic wool has many surprising, natural benefits. Its ability to repel water and keep bottoms dry make it a popular choice for diaper covers.

  13. Brando says:

    Well I for one buy regularly from BOTH companies when I have the money to splurge. . .however, recently Bambino has had bad customer service for me. I am a military member and I’m stationed in the states. Bambino simply proves itself incapable of unwilling to mail to my base. Whereas I never have any problems from ABU. ABU has had it’s problems in the past but I think that they’ve improved vastly in the more recent future.

  14. Heather-needs-some-help says:

    (sobbing continually) I need help… I love diapers but I tried to tell my parents and they sent me to a therapist!!??!! I think I am a werid person and are the only one like this in miles of my town and city. ( still crying) I don’t know whAt to do!!!!!! I am going to freak and run away from home or worse!!! This thing with diapers Is driving me crazy!!!!!!! :( . ( sobbing gets louder)

  15. abray says:

    Hi Heather, ((Hugs)) We understand what you are going through. Your parents do not understand this (as well as many others) that this fettish can be a great coping mechanisium. The way I see it, if your desire to wear diapers does not affect your normal life and that you can function in society as a “normal” person then go for it. I am lucky that my partner understands this and permits me to indulge in this fettish. I hope this helps. Check this link out. It may shed some light on the subject.

  16. Heather-needs-some-help says:

    You really think that I can do that? ( sniffel sniffel) thanks, I’ve only told my closest friend about this. We’ve been friends since I was 2 years old :) she was very supportive. I don’t know what my other friends will think though ( starts tearing up) I don’t want them to think I’m weird what should I do what should I say please help me Abray please!!! ( crying again now)

  17. abray says:

    Hi Heather, BIG (((HUGS)))
    I would not tell the world about this secret. I would be discrete about this. Like I said in my last post, not too many are accepting and understanding about this fettish. If someone is curious about your padded behind, you can tell them that is is due to a medical problem. (Only you know that it is a coping mechanisium that brings you pleasure). Accept this part of yourself. Good Luck, I hope this helps!

  18. Heather-needs-some-help says:

    That was mean GetALife. Don’t talk to abray that way. Thanks abray for that but how do I make sure they don’t go around and tell everyone. It’s going to be most noticeable at splash laggon

  19. Heather-needs-some-help says:

    Abray you there?

  20. abray says:

    Hi Heather, Only you know why you use diapers. To the average person they would think you have a medical condition. :)

  21. Heather-needs-some-help says:

    What if a student saw it they wouldnt ask about it, would they?
    BTW how do make the diaper crinkle as loud as possible?

  22. Heather-needs-some-help says:

    I just love that crinkle sound!! :)

  23. Heather-needs-some-help says:


  24. Anna says:

    Everyone Check out my new website i hope you like it. Adrian please check it out also i hope you like it im still working on it.

  25. abray says:

    Hi Anna, I would like to check out your website. However, you did not give us your url to the site.

  26. Anna says:

    just click on my name. if that doesnt work just type thin in to the adress box

  27. Anna says:

    click my name

  28. Anna says:

    Hey abray please check out my new website I know your a member already do check it I responded to your comment

  29. Ron says:

    I wanted to mention Baby-Pants. They now have adult cloth diapers in gauze, twill and birdeye that are reasonably priced and work perfectly. This company is totally geared towards AB/DL. I’ve bought bottles with adult size nipples, pacifiers and they have a complete line of plastic pants…The Gerber Style White PEVA plastic pants is by far the most Noisy pant I’ve ever worn. If your cloth diaper bulge doesn’t give you away, the noise of these rubber pants certainly will.

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