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Doubting Women in the Adult Baby and Diaper Lover World

February 4, 2010 by  
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The title of this post was quite hard to come up with in expressing what this post is about.

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69 Responses to “Doubting Women in the Adult Baby and Diaper Lover World”
  1. Jacques says:

    Adrain Could you send me a email answer please that If you do not mind.

  2. John says:

    Adian I know what you are meaning I thank it is just nice to communicate with others that have the same issue or if they like to express to others what works best and could be recomended for use for others through statment and personal testomony,
    I thank you hit the nail on the head on your statment, As I have in the past have talked nothing more than about the product Itself that we believe in I perfer to have respectfull conversation than to talk dirty online and to represent to others what your web is about I hope all is well.
    You and Peter take care.
    P.S. I hope this gives you some since of respect.

  3. Jag says:

    people that are semi-intelgint and that lives and dreams that dont revolve around diapers… sounds about right

    i actually had dreams of being a famous auther (with NOTHING diaper related in it) the diaper part was always really sorta private and i didn’t start wearing every now and then till i got into college (last year)

    As of right now, i haven’t done much with my stories but i hope to get back into writing after things die down a bit with this whole learning thing lol. im majoring in Radiology Technology (x-ray)

    actually… lol i just got a new idea for a creature/monster/chapter in the first book… i must leave, im off to go write (^_^)

  4. Jake says:

    It’s true that there are alot of horny guys just looking to get sexual gradification but some of us are just looking for friends to talk with and people who actually understand where we are coming from

  5. Jacques says:

    Adrain When did you start to be come incontent? I have a little bit my self.

  6. bigbabybilly says:

    i understand how you feel i am a guy a big baby , been looking for a mommy / slash wife. for many years now, i know women my age are very rare, and to think one would want a nice shy overweight big baby is like winning lottery.i have joined a few what i would call adult baby places, in hope of meeting a nice women, and over the years had throught i had met a few, not in person , but online, now here where i feel folish.they latter turned out to be guys, my face was red then, and you know i was hurt, and yes i agree with you that we should be who we are, people get hurt by lies, and in this baby world, i guess we are kind of if ever some one wishes to chat let me know at [email protected] all i ask is be respectfull,and be who you are .thank you

  7. Jone says:

    It’s time those boys – and they are boys – grew up and realilsed what the word girls means. And yes, I like Adult Baby and Diaper Lover. The word is nappy, by the way – oh, and I’m a girl and have trans girls – friends – who were gay and never had ‘issues’. More girls please and less doubt of women who are Adult Babies, nappy or not.

  8. Jac says:

    I would love to have a baby girl to care for complety . Even a baby siter when dadys at work . i can make this happen lets chat

  9. Sim says:

    I think that its funny that some of the replies to this post missed the topic completly. I have shied away from these sites because people (guys) are really only looking to try to fullfill thier fantasies. Maybe a few will get lucky, I really cant say. I am just lookibg for a site to chat with people of like mind and I can be myself without judging.

  10. Remy says:

    It is awkward…I’m just crazy embarrassed. I would never let any of my friends or family know. I would love to show off myself through pics on the internet but never my face. Neck down maybe. Plus I can’t really afford diapers (being a college freshman is expensive! -_-). But I really didn’t know guys wanted to see that. I thought it was weird for a girl to like that, and that mostly guys were into wearing diapers.

  11. Honu says:

    Well put Adrian. My wife is and has always been female. No offense to the transexuals and Sissys, but I seem almost more of them online listed as women than women like her and you. She wears diapers all the time and enjoys the AB lifestyle when she can. She also has a responsible job with infants and has been investigated to hold that position. I also wear diapers all the time, have a professional job and interests that include music, distance running, SCUBA diving, home repair and upgrades as well as working on cars. I do what I can to welcome girls to the community and hope that others start doing the same. Until more women sign on, the statistics will show that this community is as male dominated as my wife’s quilting forum is female dominated.

  12. redslittlesissy says:

    I agree the honesty factor in not only the ab/dl cummunity is lacking but in all fetish areas. Finding sites and people online to get ideas and share thoughts is hard. While I may be dressed at times as a woman or a sissy little girl I always admit to being a male for this truth is what makes me what i am. What pic’s i share do not include face and to be honest none of my sissy pics have hit the net yet as both myself and my domme girlfreand worry about affecting our regular lives. on a side note does anyone have realistic puplic outing ideas or experiences that are not complete over the top fantasy?

  13. Collin says:

    Hey, Adrian, i know what you mean to some extant, because I am a male, so i dont see what you see. But I understand having to be … i guess secretive about you’re life not qanting the rest of the world know your life, heck I’m looking for someone to be friends with, and someone to love and be with, but in the ad/dl community so that a girl would understand. I love my life out side of the ab/dl community to.

    Not forcing you or trying to creep anyone out but if you wanna chat just send it by [email protected]

  14. Lucent says:

    This sums up precisely why I don’t even bother joining AB/DL community sites anymore. It’s too hard to find genuine people with ambitions outside of diapers.

    I’ve pretty much given up hope of ever finding a female friend who likes wearing diapers, and I HAVE given up hope of ever finding an AB/DL partner…chances are I’ll just have to bury this part of me in a cold dark place and never look at it again.

  15. plasticpantslover says:

    I agree with most of these remarks, except the ones that missed the point. Everyone has a fetish. some simple and some exotic. some are concidered normal some are not. VERY FEW discuss them with co-workers, friends and especially relatives. It is a private thing. I only discuss mine(I love plastic pants and diapers occasionally)with others of the same fetish. I play golf, love football and tailgaiting, I’m retired from a full time job I did for 32 years. I do find that women tend to talk about their fetishes less than men. I’ve gotten my wife to try plastic pants a few times and the experience was great. But it’s not her thing because to many people see it as “kinky” In closing I’d just like to know, of those people that judge diaper-lovers as kinky,,,what’s your fetish,, you’ve got one.. Oh don’t want to talk about it. And ladies,,real ones please, don’t be afraid to open up to those of us who are in the same boat

  16. robbie says:

    i want a woman to be a mommy. she will change my diapers;nurse me, & if she has no milk, she can let me nurse & then bottle feed me. want to cuddle & have her love me like a mommy. i don’t know how to find this woman.

  17. Frank says:

    I’m a male. Would love to talk, chat, whatever with real females that enjoys diapers and plastic pants but due to prejudices that will never happen. There are people that enjoy BDSM, men that where garters, women that dominate, etc, you get my drift on this. But they all hold normal jobs, have families, and handle their fetish privately. I’m not sure I’d be happy knowing what some or all of my neighbors do in private. Anyone that says they don’t have a fetish is a liar. Everyone likes some variation when it comes to sex. We’ve just been brought up to think “vanilla”. I’ve loved plastic pants my entire life and am getting into diapers now. My wife was brought up in a strict household as I was that taught sex is not to be talked about let alone enjoyed. Therefore she has tried, enjoyed, my plastic pants fetish but feels ashamed of it and won’t do it anymore. The plastic pants and diapers are not just for sex with me even though they are a big part of my sex life, they also give me a sense of calmness. I am retired, belong to clubs and play golf all outside the abdl world. I love life in general not just my abdl interest.I’ve vented enough. Have a great normal day

  18. Girls are Girls and they look cute in diapers and I can not help it from looking at them I keep going to web sites and looking at women in diapers I wish I can find a date with a women in diapers but theses sites they have costs to much money and I can not afford that much money so I will just sit back and go to these web sites of women in DIAPERS!!!!! Thanks vary Much for cute women in DIAPERS!!!

  19. don says:

    I firmly beleive girls make much better babies than do guys.girls are softer,more emotional,weaker and people are more accepting of girls wearing diapers and being babies than they are of guys.girls can get away with it and are just considered being “cute’ and little girlish.In many catholic parishes,a cloth diaper and rubber pants is normally worn by the little girls,preteen and teen girls under their poofy white dresses for baptisms,first communion and a few parishes they are required for the other parishes it is a strong tradition for them to wear them under their white dresses.i have seen them on a few teen girls under baptism dresses and confirmation dresses with white tights over them.i know of a few girls who wore them in weddings,under their easter dresses and other holiday dresses.they really do make girls feel more pure and innocent and little girlish.

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