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10 Things That Make Being a Diaper Lover Fun

September 13, 2011 by  
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I thought I would make a fun post today about what I consider 10 things or advantages to being a diaper lover.

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36 Responses to “10 Things That Make Being a Diaper Lover Fun”
  1. Wes says:

    Very well said, i am ok with the number 3 as long as im not in public. As for number 6 ive never had anyone change my diaper, but ive learned over the years to enjoy wearing diapers because i know the mess im in without one. Diapers are very relaxing and i enjoy that relaxation when its time to fall asleep more than any other moment.

  2. Derrick says:

    This is a great list! I like #2 because I like camping but I hate getting up in the middle of the night so the diapers are great! #1 applies too. I love just relaxing around the house wearing nothing but a diaper. Sitting on the floor in just a diaper is wonderful while playing video games. As for the diaper change…the best diaper change comes right after a shower. Freshly cleaned, dried off, lay down on the bed with a fresh diaper and some baby powder. MMMmmmmm… perfect! :)

  3. Dazen says:

    That is a Great list and I also may add, that wearing diapers relieves the stress that we all encounter on a daily basis. Being diapered for me is like having the freedom of not having to worry about going to the bathroom.

  4. Nick says:

    Very well said.

  5. Alan says:

    I’d add that you never have to worry about missing a part of the movie when you go to the theater. :-)

  6. moostermiley says:

    same thing with concerts and ballgames … you never have to worry about missing a part of the show .. and I’m able to get my 8 hours of sleep at night without having to get up to go to the loo :)

  7. black-dragon says:

    Hey Adrian and fellow readers of the this very nice blog here. I’ll say that if you redo your list here here in reverse order then you should barrow David Letterman’s Top Ten List not knowing if anyone here watches his show or not. Ha! I will say that you got a list here and I’ll add one more to and that would be AB/DL MUNCHES. Adrian, if its ok, I’m going to post a link to the HoosierHighChair Fetlife group for anyone here that happens to have a FetLife account and here is the link.

    The munches are simple enough and I’ve been a member of this group for a year come this October. I also have a link the munches host website posted in the last topic that you have here on your blog. If anyone has any questions about the HoosierHighChair let me know and I’ll answer them as best I can. Oh, this group has a munch in Bloomington, IN this Saturday and you can find the info on both sites that I just mentioned. Other than that, keep up the good work and have fun with your blog and take it easy. Black-Dragon

  8. Ryan. S says:

    how would someone go about getting a pack of bambinos? and since im new to this site how can i lose control to were i can become incontient?

  9. diaper_lover says:

    Thanks for the great article Adrian!! I must say that in #2 I would go to every effort in finding a washroom if I have to have a bowel movement. I kind of wish that I grew up wearing diapers like you did, Adrian. Can you please add a second article to this one? One of my favorite things to do after work is wearing a T-shirt and diaper. Also, do you think you can do an article on cloth vs. disposable diapers? As much as I love wearing diapers, do you think they’re bad for the environment?

  10. Amanda says:

    I often have debates with close female friends. They seem to think that wearing knickers/panties are sexier. But diapers are the sexiest undies of all.

  11. josh says:

    hey Adrian,
    i was just wondering how you dealt with being in diapers in high school. im asking because high school is hard enough i cant imagine haveing to go through it in diapers. please respond to this or make a blog post im interested in how you dealt with it.
    (for the record i wasnt in diapers in high school but i was bullied form 5th grade till about 10th or 11th) so i was just curious if anything like that happend with you or if no one knew or what

  12. Blind Freak says:

    Greetings. Though both of the things I thought of could be classed as part of the list, here are a few specifics. I have an almost phobic loathing of public rest rooms, and find padding to be far more preferable if I am going to be in a situation where I must either wear a diaper or use a public rest room. As for public wearing, that’s all fine and good, but for me the moment is nowhere near complete until I have used it at least once, preferably in a group of people. There is something about wetting among others who have no idea, something completely naughty and taboo, and even erotic, though I will stop there. Finally, a personal reason in my own list of advantages is the fact that it gives me something to control and a way to rebel. Due to financial difficulty and no other place to live in the near or foreseeable future, I am back with the parents, who do not know the meaning of the words respect, privacy and autonomy. On the few occasions I have been able to wear while under their thumbs, I have always felt this childish excitement at the prospect of rebelling against tirany and intolerance, as they do not approve of this little interest of mine. (They discovered when I let the mother use my computer to supposedly check her Email when hers was broken. Needless to say, I am NOWHERE near as naive as I was then.

  13. RockinBaby says:

    How cerebral, I like the way you are so thoughtful in writing about the many aspects of loving diapers. I love cloth diapers so much I can’t even ever think about using panties ever again to cover my bottom.

    I had a poopy accident last night and I never do that, I think I was straining to get the last drops out and into my diaper that my bum opened up too. I don’t know about you Adrian but I adore the rush when I do poopy between my legs, the O is awesome. Thanks for the great blog.

  14. pamperschick says:

    Haha nice post about the movie theatre alan! I think I totally agree with all of the 10 things posted here.

    @Ryan. S buying a package of bambinos is quite easy just head over to the website and order some ^_^. As for becoming incontinent yeah it’s possible but you would definitely have to be sure that you’re able to handle all of the rude comments, and embarassment etc that may arise from doing such.

  15. josh says:

    how come peter doesnt have a blog anymore??

  16. abray says:

    Great list. One thing is missing or perhaps not mentioned is self indulged sexual gratification from a wet, warm diaper.

  17. Doug says:

    Couldn’t agree more.

    @Pamperschick – I noticed that you’re new here too? I finally decided to join today.

    Do you only wear for convenience (ie: movies) or do you “enjoy” wearing in other ways?


  18. G. C. says:

    Really well done. A great, straightforward list that I think is spot-on for diaper lovers everywhere. And a great reminder that it’s all worth the occasional stress or embarrassing moment!

  19. Ryan. S says:

    thanks pamperschick. also what are some good local brands? atenneds is one. depends i found out suck. any others. p.s thanks for the other info as well.

  20. diaper_lover says:

    Ryan, I would have to agree with you concerning Depends – they aren’t very “Depend”able (pardon the pun lol) and they clump too fast. I wear them, but am going to look into getting the Secure X Plus and Bambino Diapers.

  21. Ryan. S says:

    im going to look into other offbrands to see if there others that are good. sadly i cant order online dont have a means of makeing payments online for bambinos. im going to look for secure x-plus in like walgreens or right aide. i swear ive seem around in stores.

  22. HalleyJDL says:

    Hi Adrian, love the recent blog posts! In case you are short of any topics I’d like to suggest a few that I think most would have some interest in:

    1) Plastic pants reviews, and suggestions. Comfort, noise, colors, style, places to buy that you recommend. I like some of the Japanese styles but they can be expensive. Wearing in public? Maybe a poll with some results based on brand, comfort, quiet / loud

    2) Diaper tapes. Securex and bambino / teddy / active ultra seem to stick worse with the new “improved” quieter front panel. Diaper tapes seem like a must and wondering if you have ideas for some nice DL/Ab oriented tapes to go across the front panel and secure the default tapes.

    3) More ideas for those who may be fecally incontinent, scheduling, fiber, timing to avoid public accidents and ways of dealing with that when it happens. You have mentioned that this is the case for you – but without plastic pants it must be pretty hard because odors travel. Ideas and product recommendations?

    Just some thoughts – keep up the good work – love your site!

  23. DW says:

    Your list of advantages might just make others want to begin wearing diapers as well. Although I’m sure everyone has their own list of advantages (and disadvantages) to wearing diapers, here is my personal take on your list…

    (1) I really don’t think much about the fact that I am wearing a diaper when I relax or sleep, or do chores around the house. I don’t think much about it at all really…it’s just underwear, but I do notice the squishing sound when I know I need to change soon or risk leaking out the sides when I sit down. I absolutely hate walking around with that tell-tale “diaper leaked out the sides” staining on my backside or the wet stains down the inside of my pant legs. I hate that so much.

    (2) I must agree about the convenience factor. It is much better to be wearing a diaper when out of the house, whether I use the diaper fully or not, than to discover that I badly needed a diaper and had a leak at some point during my day, without a change of clothing and no diaper in sight. I still go out on short trips without a diaper, just regular underwear, at times, but usually only after I know I hadn’t had any caffeine drinks, or too much water, and when I know I just recently emptied. I am usually alright for these short trips, but sometimes I misjudge the amount of time I can be sans-diaper. Not a good realization that I’ve visibly wet myself when out in public, …or, worse, to discover that I had a movement and I swear that others can smell me a block away, even if nothing is showing through my pants for the moment.

    (3) The crinkle? Hmmm…I definitely notice the sound as I walk, bend, sit down or stand up. I have tried the cloth-like diapers, but I do not feel as comfortable about them holding fluids as well as the non-cloth-like diapers. Also, the pull-up style diapers are convenient at home, most being made of the cloth-like stuff, but pull-ups don’t work as well when using a public restroom stall because I would need to remove my pants in order to pull them on. I prefer wearing the plastic-like diapers with those sticky tabs on them as these are easier to put on while standing in a stall, the noise during changing in the stall, however, I could do without. The adjustable tabs allow me to put the diaper on tighter, thus reducing the amount of diaper movement and crinkling.

    (4) Ok. Yes, most of those who’ve posted comments to your website have seemed friendly. I don’t know about any local community or social group near me of people who wear diapers though — outside of the support groups for those with IBS, Crohn’s Disease, MS, etc., but I don’t think I would want to meet others in-person who simply wore diapers because they enjoyed wearing them, without any kind of special need for them. It is interesting to read stuff online about – and comments from – “diaper lovers” though.

    (5) I don’t know how to respond to the “uniqueness” of wearing diapers, as a positive at least, outside of the practicalities of wearing diapers to someone who would otherwise be a shut-in at home, unable to feel any sense of self-respect and independence due to their condition. I don’t knock anyone for wearing diapers as a means of harmless enjoyment, even if I don’t necessarily understand it.

    (6) I am perfectly capable of changing my own diaper. I cannot understand why anyone would want to change my diaper for me, or why anyone would want to have someone else (even a loved one or in-home nurse) to change them. To me, at least, it would be embarrassing to be changed by someone else. Sorry if this opinion offends anyone. As for the feeling of getting into a fresh, clean, dry diaper after having to walk around the office or elsewhere in a wet or smelly diaper…I definitely agree. A shower would be great in-between changing too, but that’s not always practical. Unfortunately, after changing, it doesn’t seem too very long before I notice that I’ve wet myself again, but during the short time that I am actually completely dry, it is a good feeling and I feel more confident in public.

    (7) I don’t agree about diapers adding spice to my wardrobe. I end up having to get pants that are slightly larger in the diaper area to accommodate wearing diapers, and (when I can find them) with a higher waist to hide the tops of my diapers. I don’t wear dresses or skirts, but I do occasionally wear old-style jeans overalls with my boots when working around the ranch. I hate wearing suits so often because the material is made loose and thin, and my diapers then seem to make more and louder crinkle noises, and I swear that everyone around me can hear my diaper when I walk or move or sit.

    (8) I agree that wearing diapers is harmless to others, but there is an environmental impact. I don’t know the figures, and I’m not some radical eco-warrior or whomever that thinks diapers are devices of the devil. I wouldn’t wear diapers if I didn’t need to. I’m not a diaper hater though, as I have had countless incidents where I was soooo glad that I was wearing a diaper. I still remember what it was like before diapers became a daily necessity, however, and I just wish life were that simple and casual again.

    (9) I find it more risky to go out into public *without* a diaper than consider my wearing diapers as something that spices up my evening out. My diaper-less ventures out in public tend to turn sour immediately after I find that I’ve leaked onto my pants (or whatever I was sitting on) and must hide my backside from others (or remain seated in my chair) until I see an opportunity to leave quickly before anyone notices any staining or smells. I can recall a few such instances when I had to make a hasty departure without much more than a rushed goodbye to our host/hostess.

    (10) I fully agree that wearing diapers — although embarrassing and difficult for me to embrace in the beginning — does give me confidence nowadays in public situations. I don’t enjoy walking around in a noticeably wet, full or leaking diaper, or a diaper that I’ve pooped in (yes, it does happen occasionally, thankfully not often), but “ya gotta do wat ya gotta do” until you get the opportunity to change in private. I’ve learned to adjust my walk so it is not so obvious that my diaper is full, or that I am even wearing a diaper. A poop-filled diaper is definitely not enjoyable, neither is that diaper change or cleaning myself (I wish there were large wet wipes available in public restroom stalls for just those types of situations.)

  24. pauley says:

    As an AB I also find it relaxing to suck on my paci and have a bottle of warm milk at bedtime.

  25. Robbie86 says:

    I love you list. As a diaper lover, there is also the great delight in wetting my diaper while standing in line at the grocery store for instance. And then the wonderful warm feel of a wet diaper.

  26. Triker says:

    I once dated a girl who wore diapers under her plastic pants with a tight long legged panty girdle over everything. She was not feeling well during an appointment to see her urologist and began to pee her diaper while also feeling faint. The long and short of it was that she passed out while peeing her diaper and some of the liquid leaked out past her plastic pants and ran down the leg of her panty girdle. When she was revived in the doctor’s office, she was really embarrassed in front of everyone but survived as she usually did. Hearing her story turned me on for some strange reason. Perhaps it was the fact that she was also in a long legged panty girdle when this happened. Do some gals wear panty girdles over their diapers? If so, I’d be interested in reading any of their comments. Thanks and try and stay dry unless you are prepared to not do so in other areas.

  27. Mitch says:

    #3 is my favorite, I’d also add that for #1 there is something amazing about the feel of a nice bulky diaper between one’s legs….feels so safe and secure!

  28. Jason says:

    Although not for everyone, I see nothing wrong with wearing diapers. You already mentioned many good reasons for wearing diapers. Here are some more reasons.

    For long road trips. You could go for some time between bathroom breaks. You can just enjoy the drive and not have to worry about having to use a filthy toilet to pee or poop. That’s what diapers are for.

    If you’re at a football game, or a basketball game, and you need to pee, you won’t have to get up to go to the restroom, missing the game in the process.

    At a movie theatre watching a good movie. You don’t have to leave the seat to go to the restroom, missing the most interesting parts of the movie. You could go in your diaper and change into some clean dry diapers when the movie is over.

  29. Triker says:

    I agree with wearing diapers when either on a long road trip or attending the movies. I hate having the urge to pee in the middle of a movie and have to vacate my seat to use the facilities during a scene. So, I always wear diapers when attending the movies that usually end up being a double header to boot. I take an extra diaper along in a back pack just in case a change is needed between features. I also pack some snacks in the pack as well and either a water or Coke to wash down my snack or sandwich. Soft drinks always make me pee more frequently, perhaps its the caffeine.

    On the road, sometimes the rest stops are closed for renovation and being in a diaper is welcomed and useful in those cases. I am usually in either a Molicare or a 24/7 heavy duty unit when on the road. Whatever works is fine with me.

  30. Seth says:

    I agree with all of your reasons another I would like to add this is the feeling of your first wetting in a fresh diaper, as the warm liquid runs against your inner thigh and the leg gatherers I always get a little excited, the next best thing to that is when one uses a baby diaper or underjam as a stuffer and then you sit down to feel that squishiness between your legs.

    If anyone has never tried using baby diapers as stutters I highly recommend it for dryness and feel. My personal favorite would have to be underjams with a 3-4T size nitetime pullup over that with a nice crinkly adult diaper,like an ATN or better on top, you get a huge absorbency boost plus a super squshiness that can’t be beat!

  31. Todd says:

    I have been in diapers all my life. I have never been potty broke and have never owned a pair of underwere. Because of this I can just go with out even thinking about it. I can not change my own diaper because I would get in to trouble by my wife. I know some were diapers for med reasons and some for the fun of it. I dont see anything wrong with this. have fun and keep the diapers on if you wish. I know Ill be in diapers for the rest of my life with no way out of them. I don;t know what it is like to set on a toylet. All I am saying is some of us have no right but to were them. Baby Todd.

  32. courtney says:

    i am 16 and i like to tease my boyfriend while i am wearing a cloth diaper and plastic pants.I am catholic and last year when i was 15,i was finially baptized at easter vigil and wore the traditional white,poofy,’baby girl” style above the knees dress with the matching bonnet,lace anklets and white mary jane shoes.i wore the normal cloth diaper,plastic pants and tee shirt under the boyfriend came to my party and saw me in the outfit and tried to pinch me on my butt,but felt the diaper and plastic pants and got really horny.I made my first communion a month later and wore the communion dress and veil with the cloth diaper and plastic pants under it again and my boyfriend felt them on me again.since then i wear them when we go out on dates and when we are together and he knows i am wearing them and it drives him crazy.

  33. BabyBel says:

    Hi, I tried to send a message à while ago,but it didn’t go the way I wanted,so I’ll try again.
    I’m a lady in what some people say si in her “best age” (43 aillready)but I beleave that is to “comfort” me)
    It doesn’t work on me.I feel lucky to be alive,but the time goes way too fast and I allways feel like a little girl even though I’ve been maaried for 18 years ,having 2 great kids.
    I found out a couple of months ago I’ve been a kind of abdl since I was VERY small without knowing it. I only knew I was different and that it was better to hide my secret,cause I’ve allways felt terribly ashamed about this. M’y mum “discovered” me a few times wearing homemade “diapers”,and did not like what she saw so I knew I could never count on her accepting my difference so I learned at an early age to shut up about it.
    She ha sa relaxed attitude to people wearing diapers,but ONLY whenever it is neccesary, ex. incontinent people,old,sick people,if

  34. BabyBel says:

    My message was sent by a MISTAKE, I wasn’t finished yet as you can see. I don’t want to begin all over so I continue from where I stopped (allways somme kind of problems with these messages:-( If we have a diahrea whille travelling . There must be some kind of good excuse,if not she will never understand. So I’ve suffered in silence all my life.Now I want MY life “back”. My mum said ” accept yourself for who you are,be yourself.If she only knew…But she wont.
    I tried to tell my husbond in our younger days.I did say it.He was surprised,didn’t take it so hard,but could not imagine how I could like it,so I never bothered him with it after.He obviously doesn’t think about this,yet hé should.I’ve allways tried to satisfy him sexually,but even though he thinks I’m still very attractive,he doesn’t realise why I’m not “hot”,and never having orgasm.I can only get it by being diapered,doing my “thing” which is too personal to talk about (I think I’ve said a lot allready)I never wet nor mess my “diapers”.I just love wearing them.I want to order my very first REAL adult diapers,and they must have a plastic backing that crinkles as loud as possible (I mean the

  35. BabyBel says:

    I have enough of this,The “submit comments is too close to the message (I write from France and must constantly take away the automativ corrections,which is tiring:-( I think I’ll try another time,no point in sending several messages which are never finished. Don’t send any of them (again,sorry but I will finally make it I hope.

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